USA Bases Again OK to Open in Philippines as on Stars and Stripes June 7, 2012

News Headlines Subic Bay Philippines

"The Philippine government said this week that the United States military is again welcome to use Subic Bay and the sprawling Clark Air Base, two decades after the installations were abandoned due to political friction with Manila, according to media reports.

Philippine Defense Undersecretary Honor Azcueta said U.S. troops, ships and aircraft can make use of the old bases, as long as prior approval is granted by the government. Azcueta made the comments following a meeting with Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, who traveled to the country as part of a regional trip to generate support for a military pivot toward Asia, according to the Philippine Star newspaper."
Stars and Stripes

Luzon Map

What does this mean to world travelers?

Subic Bay and Clark Air Base regions of the Philippines were two of the biggest party destinations in Southeast Asia. However, as I am speculating, many Vietnam soldiers are very old, and the cities are in a slow recess.

This should be back prosperity to the region, and revitalize both Angeles City and Subic Bay as the American soldiers return to party.

Many older soldiers may also return to a place of honor before they die.

Thank you Philippines.

Andy Lee Graham

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