Dating Local Girls in Subic Bay, Philippines

How to meet and date local girls in Subic Bay, Philippines. Local girls love American Men. The Philippines was a US Territory from 1898 till after WWII.

Local girls like Americans. Lots of them aspire to marry an American and one day become one themselves. It is quite easy to get introduced to an eligible cousin, sister, auntie or just friend if you just start chatting with a local girl.

The obvious and easiest way to chat up a girl is just to go to one of the restaurants or night clubs and relax and have a drink. They will come to you. Some of the girls are looking for a long term friendship and marriage. Others prefer a steady boyfriend and possible best friend.

A fun thing to do is learn to speak a few words in Tagalog. Learn how to tell a girl she is pretty in Tagalog. Ikaw ay maganda means  you are pretty. Also do not forget your pleases and thank yous.  Paki suyo. Please.  And  salamat is thank you. Filipinos do not like loud men. They prefer quite men who are respectful, insightful, and friendly. Filipinos constantly watch facial expressions, body language, and how you talk.

It is very easy to marry a filipina. Any local judge, mayor, or minister can do a marriage. And the paper work is quite simple. The local city hall can process it all. And last but not least. In this part of Asia there is no stigma attached to a younger woman dating and marrying an older man. It is quite common and very acceptable.

So get out and meet people, make friends, and perhaps meet that special person you want for a permanent relationship. You never know who or what awaits you just around the next corner, at the next beach party, or at the next cafe. Relax and enjoy one of the most enjoyable tropical islands in the western pacific.

 Enjoy and have fun.

Phil J

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